Personal Security Services

Personal Security Services

Portcullis Personal Security

Royal Silver Service work with a number of discrete professional security organisations.

When required, we can provide specialist drivers who have close protection training for clients that demand a higher level of safety and security expertise.

In today's uncertain times, the term 'Security' covers an ever-expanding range of activities, on behalf of many types of individuals, including:

  • Corporate entities (and their executives) - which are often targeted by active and dangerous narrow interest groups such as ALF, PETA, CAFT-UK and anti-war or anti-capitalist protesters.
  • High net worth individuals - among whose many concerns are kidnapping for extortion, household and personal security as well as protection from unwelcome attentions of stalkers, thrill seekers and the mentally disturbed.
  • Those - from all walks of life - who may be threatened by the anti-social activities of global (and sometimes quasi-government sponsored) terrorist organisations.
  • Celebrities - who can sometimes seem to be using their security teams as a fashion accessory.
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Each of these scenarios needs its own specialist handling. A significant number of potential targets fail to understand the need for, and capabilities of, fully trained security professionals. They often utilise the services of organisations set up to exploit the fears of those who seek protection - without providing the experienced and discrete specialists this work always demands.

Portcullis has been set up by an elite team of highly trained, ex-military personnel who have been providing top-level security and close protection to a core group of corporations and individuals for over a decade. Operating on a global basis, Portcullis is now able to consider taking on a limited number of new regular or project clients, who would prefer their security concerns to be handled by one of the most elite and capable security groups in the world.

Should you wish to learn more - or to arrange an initial meeting to explore the possibility of using Portcullis to improve or expand your current security coverage, please contact us and we will set up a mutually convenient appointment to discuss and explore your specific needs.

Bespoke Services - Worldwide Solutions

Highly trained security consultants with extensive Fortune 100, celebrity, diplomatic and dignitary protection experience:

  • Global travel management, skilled planning and risk assessment services for diplomatic and VIP travelers.
  • Security planning and risk assessment.
  • Discrete specialist counsel and professional implementation to ensure international visits and travel plans operate seamlessly and securely.
  • Provision of an experienced international team to complement personal or corporate security details, ensuring a flawless transition when travelling abroad. Resourceful local knowledge guarantees safe and trouble free journeys.
  • Analysis and assessment of all major hotels and most public buildings for maximum security.
  • Organisation of secure travel arrangements via private jets and helicopters (private and public airports, airfields and heliports) - utilising all types of discrete chauffeured motorised transport: from cars, people carriers and coaches - to waterborne craft.
  • Access as required to our network of secure, trusted professional suppliers and partners across the globe, trained and able to operate in any socio-economic climate.