Rolls Royce Ghost Chauffeur Car

The Rolls Royce Ghost is the latest luxury chauffeur driven offering from this British institution. Be one of the first to sample its sumptuous delights.

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Max Passengers: 4 people
Luggage Capacity: 3 suitcases + 3 hand luggage
General Chauffeur Hire
Per Day £895
Per Excess Hour £90
Cost Per Extra Mile £3
Airport Transfer
Heathrow - London City £495
Gatwick - Luton - Stansted £575
Dock Transfer
Dover - Felixstowe - Harwich - Southampton £795
Note: These example Airport Transfer and Dock Transfer prices are based on journey times/distances to/from Piccadilly Circus, London, W1.
Hourly rates (min 4 hours) includes 40 miles.
Evening and Wedding rates (min 6 hours) includes 60 miles.
Full day includes 8 hours and 100 miles.

The Ghost is a modern example of the classic sedan that keeps the brand at the forefront of the luxury market. Once again, the design and finish delivers the unmistakable feel and smell of a Rolls-Royce and its updated look is set to make an impact in London in 2013.

Any suggestions that the smallest Rolls-Royce is a poor relation to the Phantom are dashed the moment you climb on board. The real experience of opulence begins the second you slip through media friendly coach doors into the luxuriously appointed cabin, cosseted in fine leather with chrome fittings against a black piano wood trim.

The cabin of the Ghost is very different from that of a Phantom – lower, cosier and less sedate – but you don’t need your feet to disappear far into the lamb’s wool foot-mats to feel the quality. Although the exterior dimensions of the Ghost are considerably smaller when compared with a Phantom, the interior boasts a similar space. The massive 6.6 Litre, twin turboV12 provides a blistering 600bhp which is more than 100bhp stronger than the Phantom’s 6.75 litre V12.

Incidentally, a Rolls-Royce Ghost gives a near-silent stealthy ride which was the inspiration for the name.

Rolls Royce Ghost Let the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ take you on a Journey

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