Maybach 62 Chauffeur Car

Royal Silver Service was the first company in the UK to own and operate the Maybach 62 as a chauffeured car.

Our vehicle cost over £320,000, was customized to our own specifications and includes the fully reclining rear seats with full size foot rest just like you get in first class of an airplane or a private jet. While not as famous as Rolls Royce, Maybach is the vehicle of choice for those who really know their VIP vehicles.

The superior craftsmanship of the Maybach 62 enables a unique chauffeur driven experience of refined elegance and allows one to cocoon oneself away from the world in unparalleled luxury.

Requset a Quote
Max Passengers: 3 people
Luggage Capacity: 3 suitcases + 3 hand luggage
Maybach 62
General Chauffeur Hire
Per Day £720
Per Excess Hour £75
Cost Per Extra Mile £3
Maybach 62
Airport Transfer
Heathrow - London City £295
Gatwick - Luton - Stansted £395
Maybach 62
Dock Transfer
Dover - Felixstowe - Harwich - Southampton £750
Note: These example Airport Transfer and Dock Transfer prices are based on journey times/distances to/from Piccadilly Circus, London, W1.
Hourly rates (min 4 hours) includes 40 miles.
Evening and Wedding rates (min 6 hours) includes 60 miles.
Full day includes 8 hours and 100 miles.

The Maybach 62 was reintroduced in 2003 to redefine the standards in the prestigious vehicle market, continuing the tradition of the legendary Maybach automobiles which were driven by the world elite during the 1920s and 1930s. Maybach represents greatness in a highly elegant manner, a perfect balance of classic and futuristic features that provide a modern stylistic appeal.

The unique elegance and design perfection of the Maybach 62 is equally matched with its technological excellence – unobtrusive yet unmistakable; stylish elegance and the utmost perfection in every detail. Everything a wedding couple could require is provided for comfort, entertainment, communication and the sheer pleasure of travelling in a sound-proof world cocooned from the outside. The larger features inside the rear-cabin include the CD and DVD players, two screens, wireless headphones, a refrigerated compartment and mobile phone unit with two handsets.

In addition, this first class lounge on wheels is exceptionally spaciousness. The large rear doors are the portals to this dignified world; they open to an angle of 85 degrees, so the prefect fabulous wedding shot or video experience inside the Maybach is not a challenge. Two comfortable individual seats invite one to sit down on one of the finest types of leather available, Grand Napa, which recline uniquely into positions previously only encountered within First Class compartments of modern passenger jets. Champagne on ice can be served in either the silver flues or goblets whilst truffles can be eaten on the pull out hand-crafted fine wood tables.

Even Jeremy Clarkson of the famous Top Gear television program could not believe that a chauffeur company had taken the brave step of buying and licensing such a luxurious vehicle for use as a chauffeured vehicle in the UK.

Driverless Maybach 62

Did you know that you can hire the Maybach 62 driverless and have your own Chauffeur drive you.
Price on Application.

A Look Inside the Maybach 62

Reclining Seats

You can take your shoes off and relax in our Maybach 62. State-of-the-art reclining seats similar to those found in the first-class of airplanes or private jets enhance the well being of passengers travelling in the rear of the Maybach 62. The backrest, lower leg support and footrest can all be tilted into a comfortable resting position. Air cushions in the backrest, a massage function and the active seat ventilation combine to offer peerless standards of seating comfort.

Your Mobile Living Room

The Maybach takes interior design to a truly new dimension. The ample spaciousness and high-grade materials give the passenger compartment a very relaxing, living-room feel. Uncompromising standards of comfort in terms of space, interior climate, seating and controls produce an ambiance of peerless luxury. Most of the interior surfaces are trimmed in the finest leathers and woods. Chrome ringed wooden segments, air outlets, flaps and draw compartments combine with elegantly styled controls and top stitching to enhance the overall impression of supreme quality: the result is elegance, perfect finishing touches and sheer luxury.

Panoramic Glass Roof

The electro-transparent panoramic glass roof, adorned by elegant strips of fine wood arranged in squares offers passengers a unique way of individually adjusting the interior lighting. The hand built, high tech system can be set to opaque or transparent at the mere push of a button. This function allows daylight to be filtered, producing a pleasant, diffused glow inside the Maybach. Transparency can be varied by means of an electronically powered sliding liner.

Ambiance Glass Roof Setting

Light is another element of design in the interior of the Maybach. Apart from numerous lights, the pleasant, diffuse light of the so-called ambiance illumination, that can stay lit during night journeys, creates a very special atmosphere. A highlight in the true sense of the term: a glowing vario-roof, an absolute novelty in automotive construction.

Ceiling Instruments

In the direct visual field of the rear passengers: three handmade round instruments with the fine wooden surface in the typical Maybach design. The unit in the roof liner informs about current velocity, time and outdoor temperature.

The Work Station

Anyone travelling in the Maybach can enjoy maximum standards of comfort at all time, no matter whether they are using it as a prestigious luxury sedan or as a mobile office. In both rear seats is a fold out table made from precision-machined aluminium with a high-grade wooden and nappa leather upholstery on the underside. Both fold out tables can be adjusted forward and backwards to any position and tilted to any angle, and are suitable for use as desktops, as a rest for computer laptops or as support for holding smaller items.


Even en-route, Maybach passengers do not have to miss entertainment, the latest information and telecommunication. The vehicle is equipped with a DVD player, a 6-CD changer and a TV receiver. Two colour monitors are integrated in the backrests of the front seats. Additionally, other electronic hardware, e.g. a camcorder or mp3 player, may also be connected.

Surround Sound

The new Bose sound system offers sensational audio enjoyment converting the inside of the Maybach into a mobile concert hall, while delivering Dolby surround to every seat. The 600-watt sound system with seven high powered amplifiers and 21 speakers is controlled via microphone and sound processor adjusting to the acoustic driving interfaces guaranteeing a consistent audio delight.

Fantastic Maybach 62 Wedding Car "Size Really Does Matter"

Below you can see that the 90 degrees opening of the Maybach 62’s rear doors gives you all the space you need for a large wedding dress and ample room for photo opportunities.

Maybach 62
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Our Maybach 62 has been filmed in some nice locations. Can you recognise Blenheim Palace and Harrods?