The Most Luxurious Chauffeur Driven Cars on the Planet

Luxury chauffeur driven vehicles are the epitome of luxury automotive travel. Many of our clients own a supercar such as Lamborghini or Ferrari but travelling in a chauffeur driven car is the pinnacle of wealth.

Below are the top 5 chauffeur cars in the world according to a survey conducted at the start of the decade. So if you are planning a wedding or attending an important event and would like to know which car is the best for the occasion or you are an aspiring millionaire who just wants a reminder of how to spoil oneself, the following list should help.

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1. Maybach 62

Relax with in the first class cabin

Arguably, the most expensive and luxurious chauffeur driven car to ever be created is the Maybach 62.

Founded in by father and son, Wilhelm and Karl Maybach built their first prototype in 1919. During the next 2 decades Maybach produced the most opulent and desired vehicles of the time and in 1997 the prototype Maybach was presented at the Motorshow and caught the attention of the world.

Our silver Maybach 62 cost a staggering £315,000, which is more than the average price of a house. It's like a luxury first class lounge on wheels with a 5.5 litre, V12 engine and weighing in at almost 3 tonnes it can go from 0-60 in 5.5 seconds.

Both billionaires and celebrities such as Roman Abramovich , Theo Paphitis, Peter Jones, Simon Cowell and P Diddy own a Maybach.

As standard they come with fully reclining and massaging chairs, silver service champagne set with cooled cup holders and a full entertainment system with wireless headphones. So if you have a long business journey or simply wish to travel in refined luxury, the Maybach 62 is as good as it gets.

Silver Maybach 62

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2. Rolls Royce Phantom

The sumptuous interior of the Rolls Royce Phantom

Next is the Rolls Royce Phantom which is a British institution and has transported aristocracy in style for decades.

Now the wider population such as Russian Oligarchs and top CEOs own one including Simon Cowell, Donald Trump and Alan Sugar.

As a chauffeur car they are ideal for every occasion and are very popular as wedding cars in London. These vehicles start from £220,000 and boast a 453 BH (break horsepower) V12 engine, which goes from 0-60 in just 5.7 seconds.

Interesting luxury accessories include a 26 speaker sound system with full entertainment system, refrigerator, rear seat tables and those all important umbrellas located discretely in the rear passenger doors.

The Rolls Royce Phantom

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3. Mercedes Benz S 600 Pullman

As one of the oldest forms of luxury travel and a favourite amongst diplomats and heads of state including the President of India, the Mercedes Benz S 600 Pullman takes the third spot in our list.

The Pullman offers its passengers not only a maximum of comfort, but also a superbly appointed setting for discreet meetings. With a body based on the S600; the wheelbase has been lengthened by over 1000 mm, and the roof raised.

A partition provides a sight and sound barrier between the high-ranking passengers and the driving area - allowing the former to engage in conversation. Characterised by sheer luxury in a way which is both unobtrusive and unmistakable, the Pullman is designed to offer the maximum degree of comfort.

Mercedes Pullman Limousine

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4. Mercedes S 600

Fifth place could have been decided between the Mercedes Viano, BMX 7 series or possibly the Audi A8 which have all recently won various industry awards.

However, the Mercedes S 600 is the most popular luxury chauffeur driven vehicles around today and therefore wins the final spot in our list. At around £90,000 it might seem unfair to compare the S600 to the Maybach and Rolls Royce but it is the car of choice for many who desire understated luxury in a vehicle that sets the industry standard in comfort and safety.

The S-Class is considered the flagship of the Mercedes-Benz range and since its introduction in 1954 it now delivers a blistering 500 BH from a 12 cylinder engine and a 0-60 time of 6.8 seconds.

Our chauffeurs feel confident that they can provide a reliable quality service to help ensure their passengers are driven in comfort and style.

Mercedes S Class

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